Sean Egan

GoalSaver Campaign

Bank of Ireland


Advertising | Print | Digital

Bank of Ireland were launching a new savings product and needed me to come up with a campaign based around idea of saving for the future.


To help launch the product they were also giving away €25,000 every month to a customer that met the savings requirement. I was tasked with creating a logo, image style and identity that would stand out from the rest of the Bank of Ireland campaigns. I decided that the imagery needed to be inspirational, encouraging and motivate people to sign up to one of these accounts. They needed a suite of imagery that appealed to different target markets - from wedding couples, to parents to people in the market for a new car. Each of the images I chose needed to fit into the same theme and sit under the GoalSaver product.


The imagery is unique and quirky and the gold gradient overlay gives it the sense that they are high-value, big-ticket items.